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At a time when partisan politics threatens our ability to function in harmony as a society, we need to reconnect to the lost art of listening, hearing the other.

Our media channel exposes users to both sides of critical social issues. It allows our viewers to break out of their own social media echo chamber and develop their own educated and unbiased opinions.

Our differences aren’t inconveniences to be tolerated, but gifts for our overall good.


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A video presentation with recognized experts on both sides of the issue. 

Two questions will come from Hear Both Sides, and two from each speaker. Each answer is given equal air time in sequence by both sides. Each speaker views their opponents responses and then has two minutes to make a closing statement.

Episode Length: 10-15 minutes

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Upcoming Episodes:

The Green New Deal

Defund the Police
Covid-19: Lockdown vs open up
The Electoral College
Gender Pay Gap
Gun Control
Non-Binary Gender Pronouns
Media Bias
Free Speech
Wealth Distribution
National Debt
Foreign Influence in Elections

Meet The Team


Michael Zeldman

Michael has brought his teachings to over 25 countries in the last 30 years. He is the founder and director of a non-profit co-existence initiative in the Middle East, loves generating thought-provoking content and conversations, and has 6 awesome kids.  And thinks chocolate is the solution to most existential dilemmas.

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Nina Kassin

Born and raised in Colorado, Nina cherishes her time in the outdoors!  When she's not on a hike, walking her dog or tubing in the creek, she teaches Spanish. Nina also has an amazing husband and 9 year old girl that she can’t get enough of! Her grandma always used to tell her to turn her worries into prayers, So she put a spin on it and launched HBS as a way to turn her worries into action!


AJ Orbach

AJ is a serial entrepreneur based in Columbus, OH. Having produced 2 apps, 3 businesses and 2 delicious kids at the age of 30, AJ is excited to bring his business strategy and social media savvy to the HBS team.


One man's word is no man's word; we should quietly hear both sides.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Boulder, Colorado, USA

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